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Only wash when you have to - for the sake of the environment *!

Small stains can often be removed with a damp cloth. To air out, you can simply hang the suit outside for a few hours.

Wash only in the gentle program at a maximum of 30 degrees

Close all Velcro fasteners, straps and zippers.
If possible, wash with a mild, non-organic laundry detergent for outdoor clothing
DO NOT use detergent containing chlorine or bleach!
DO NOT use fabric softener! ... Instead, set an additional rinse cycle in the washing machine.
So the detergent is rinsed out really thoroughly and the suit is extra soft.

DO NOT throw in the dryer!

Hang on a hanger to dry. Things may dry faster inside out, especially for the gloves.

So the suit stays waterproof and breathable

The durable water repellancy impregnation is the main reason our snowsuits are breathable. This effect wears off after several washes, but it can be easily reactivated.

Reactivate the DWR impregnation of OUR SNOWWEAR

Simply put a damp cloth on the outside of the fabric and iron it LOWER temperature As if by magic, the heat reactivates the water-repellent properties. Make sure not to iron too hot, because that would ruin the fabric!


In each of our items of clothing you will also find your own instructions on how to best treat your item of clothing so that you can benefit from it for a long time. You will also find further information there, such as the exact material composition, the water column, whether you can dry clean, etc. Most of the time, the label is located on the inside of the right side seam.