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Durch die Auswahl der besten Hightech-Materialien und unser durchdachtes Growing System ist bei WeeDo Urban Funwear die Langlebigkeit mit eingebaut.

Our playsuits are comfortable, breathable and will keep up with any adventure our kids experience day after day.

Here are a few tips for proper care - so your child has even more pleasure in his overalls.

Only wash if absolutely necessary - for the sake of the environment *!

Small stains can often be removed with a damp cloth. For airing, you can simply hang the suit outside for a few hours.

Wash only in the gentle program at maximum 30 ° C.

  • Close all Velcro fasteners, straps and zippers
  • If possible, wash with a mild, non-organic laundry detergent for outdoor clothing (is that meant?)
  • DO NOT use detergent containing chlorine or bleach!
  • DO NOT use fabric softener!
  • ... prefer to set an extra rinse in the washing machine instead. So the detergent is thoroughly rinsed thoroughly and the suit extra soft.

DO NOT tumble dry!

Hang on a hanger to dry. On the left things may dry faster, this is especially true for the gloves.

So the suit remains water repellent and breathable

The durable water repellancy impregnation (DWR) ensures that the outer fabric is water-repellent. After several washes, this effect subsides, but it can be easily reactivated.

Reactivate the DWR impregnation after washing

Just put a damp cloth on the fabric from the outside and iron LOW temperature about it. As if by magic, the heat reactivates the water-repellent properties. Never iron too hot, because that would ruin the fabric!


* At WeeDo we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. That is why we work with the most environmentally friendly materials and prioritise longevity e.g. through our growing system and a planned reseller group on Facebook.