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Now it's getting cozy with PANDO, FOXDO and MONDO in teddy fleece !

The new Teddy Fleece collection is here and it includes pandas, foxes and monsters as fluffy companions for everyday use indoors and outdoors!

What an adventure: just cycled home from daycare through the cold rain, now soft pandas, foxes and monsters are snuggling up on the sofa. We continue our tradition with character themes and proudly present our new fleece collection for fun and functionality all year round. It's a match: children love things warm and cuddly and children love animals. 

Warm up now with jackets, trousers and overalls made of teddy fleece in panda, fox and monster optics for the little adventurers. Just like for our popular snow suits, the new fleece collection also includes thoughtful extras : for example:

  • "Kids grow up so fast" – no problem for Panda & Co: Thanks to long, elastic cuffs, jackets, pants and overalls from the fleece collection grow with you over the years. The waistband of the pants can be adjusted with an elastic band.
  • The warm fleece jacket and vest have an extra long cut, perfect for wild games on the playground or on the living room carpet.
  • Wildly cool: Fluffy ears make the cozy parts to something very special. Secret compartments to keep your stuff safe. In the detachable tail hides a small compartment, closable with velcro.
  • When things have to go fast: The toilet stop zipper essential for urgent play breaks is part of WeeDo's program and for the new fleece overall.
  • Even more extras: the jacket, overall and waistcoat are breathable, the waistcoat can be turned inside out and is therefore excellent at keeping you dry.

Well - want more? You can find our new fleece funwear video and more information on their function & features. here.

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