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It's been almost six months since Antje - founder of WeeDo - wanted to sell her fashion label in "Die Höhle der Löwen". That was in October 2019. A lot has happened since then, WeeDo has grown a lot, the small collection has become a big family! In her interview, she tells you what it was like for Antje at the time:


How was it when you got approval to appear on the show?

I applied to Sony Pictures with WeeDo Funwear for the lion's den and thought I had passed the registration deadline. So I wasn't expecting anything.
However, the casting invitation came the next day.

At the casting, the kids got fed up with the long waiting time and that was totally horrible - nothing I had thought of worked. Somehow it all didn't seem to be off to a good start.

In January, they actually got in touch with me. Weedo was scheduled to be feature on the show. But: at the end of January! That was impossible for me as a small label owner. After all, the trade shows take place around the end of January. So I had to cancel and thought: That was it now!

By the end of February I had made up my mind.So I was planning the rest of the year for WeeDo and bang, the phone rings ... if I could come to the recording this week. 

I had to get back all the samples I had sent out as quickly as possible. I didn't have time to prepare a pitch at all. And only then could I make such thoughts as: "What do I want and do I really want that?"

The dress rehearsal was the following day at 7am; I totally messed it up. I was so annoyed that I even briefly forgot it was about to happen for real. I walked through the door and there sat the investors.

Did you have any doubts during your performance that this won’t happen?  Or were you convinced that it would work!

Before, I actually thought that everyone would get out of the car, nobody would like to invest in textiles. In a niche product, after all, there is already so much. Still, I was disappointed with everyone who got out. But I wasn't allowed to show it and actually I didn't want to be it.
Then it worked out with Georg, and I was really happy: Yes! I get support and I can get started! I was truly elated. 

What would advice would you give other entrepreneurs?

I would tell them that they should always stick to their vision - at most readjust it, and never to be discouraged! There is always a way.



AND NOW? What has happened since "The Lion's Den" pitch? See for yourself! New characters have been added to the Snowsuits. There is even a completely new product line in the starting blocks! From the end of September you can get to know our softshell suits for the first time! Initially in 2 different styles.  


P.S. In the pictures you can see exclusive excerpts from the Public Viewing of our appearance at "The Lion's Den"!

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