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Annika Mumme (@mamamotionfitness), sports therapist and yoga teacher from Bavaria, says A LOT! Check out what she’s got to say :)

„You might think children's yoga and snowboarding have nothing in common - you are wrong! Both sports are unfairly judged, among other things. Just as children's yoga is often dismissed as “girly” and mistaken for kids just sitting around quietly and singing OHM - it is equally supposed that snowboarding cannot be learnt prior to adolescence!

For our family, the focus is on spending as much free time together as possible and having maximum fun with it! We very much enjoy sharing our passion for sport and practicing our favourite sports together.

Children's yoga is not only training in important coordination skills such as strength and balance, but they also learn to improve their self-confidence and above all their body awareness in a joyous and playful way. Children do not do individual asanas (exercises) like the dog or the eagle, they are a dog or an eagle in that moment. Our snowboard trips are very similar. Henri is incredibly happy to be a wild lion or t-rex on the slopes, who can let off steam and maybe let out a roar from the lift. This makes it easier for the children to process situations and exercises that may be more difficult. For children, sport is an adventure that is always experienced through all the senses, so we’re pleased to give them that opportunity.

Sometimes I don't know who the better "teacher" is? I, who can explain the technically correct execution of the "downward dog" or a "front side curve”? Or is it my little Henri who shows me again and again that creativity and the joy of movement is what really counts!”

Thank you very much Annika!

If you would like to learn more about Annika and Henri and their life of yoga and snowboarding, follow her on Instagram @mamamotionfitness

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