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Each year about 1800 children and 492.000 adults suffer from cancer in Germany. The health insurance companies often do not cover the entire treatment costs, which means that many affected families find themselves in financial difficulties. 

In the course of founding our 2nd Love Shop before Christmas 2021, we made it our task to support exactly these families. zu support. 
What you can do to help is simple.
You can send us your discarded WeeDo products and get 25% off your next purchase. We then repair your old things and offer them at a reduced price. All proceeds from the 2021nd Love Shop from November to Christmas 2 went to  the children's cancer charity BGL + Traunstein.
EASY right?
Now a few words about the CHILDREN'S CANCER HELP BGL + TS:
The association is located in a region in Upper Bavaria and finances its work exclusively from donations, membership fees and campaigns. It looks after and supports families in the region in which either children, young people or parents are suffering from cancer or have died from it. The association's attention is always focused on the entire family, since the entire system changes when a family member falls ill.
Financial help comes in a variety of forms, as needs vary from case to case. In any case, care is taken to provide emergency aid to avoid such bottlenecks. In some cases, the families also receive long-term financial support. The costs for household and learning help, various therapies, psychotherapeutic support, co-payments for medication and much more are covered.
Together with the families, the Children's Cancer Aid also undertakes many excursions throughout the year. 
Last year at Pentecost, for example, the association made it possible for the families to travel together to East Tyrol, where the children and their families had lots of fun with a petting zoo and other farm animals such as horses, chickens, cows, etc. There was also plenty of handicrafts, baking, music and games.
The fundraiser was a huge success! Thanks to your help, we were able to donate a proud €2000 to this loving organization and at the same time give our suits a second life! 
Our 2nd love shop will definitely continue to exist and let's see who we can give presents for Christmas in 2022! 

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