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Shipping of the masks from August! Discounted shipping costs!

Smirking or ass-cool through the everyday jungle? With WeeDo funwear, wearing a mask is finally fun!

OK we got it... The everyday mask is indispensable ... Probably longer than we would like. And there are already a lot of models on the market. We know. But! Honestly: most masks are really * yawn * ....
So that's why we give you a helping of FUN when wearing the mask!
Check out our latest highlight and secure the first official WeeDo funwear masks! In WeeDo Character Stylethat put a smile on your face * er on the mask or solid coloured! Ready for dispatch from August 03rd!

We are a lot but not boring!

WeeDo funwear masks are made of breathable functional material! You can breathe easily through tehm without them feeling wet. Adjustable fit because of the elastane and also super cozy and soft!


We have had a large ration of PET bottles recycled and conjured up a product made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex.

The packaging / pc. is made of PLA as usual. PLA is made from corn starch and can be composted within 6 months! Scrumptious!

Our substances are certified OEKE TEX 100. The mask is according to the latest standards which apply for the production of community masks.
You see - we thought of everything!


Whether in school, while shopping, at the doctor‘s, on the bus or on the ski slope with your suitable snowsuit!

Our masks are always there!

I am fun - but not a medical device!

I am for private use only and not as a medical device or even as personal protective equipment.

I was made for responsible fun, but not for use in the health or care sector.

I recommend me as a joker, but not as industrial safety or other protective equipment.

I can protect you from bad moods, but not from infections or other pollutants.

You can order them in 3 different sizes! Do you want an adult mask? Then order easily L! This one fits!




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