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The WeeDo softshell collection is finally here!

Finally the time has come!

We're glad wahnsinnigbecause our new softshell jackets and suits have finally arrived and we have sooooo long waited sooooo long for them - you too?


The new softshell outdoor collection In addition to the tried and tested, it also has a few great innovations. Those who have been following us for a while have probably already noticed: It. gives. Jackets. Infant! For all kids who feel too big for suits but want to be monsters, rabbits and lynxes, we have developed the super practical everyday jacket made of super light softshell for them. And of course, we continue to protect the very little ones from head to toe in softshell suits.

Speaking of feet: rubber boots Of course we have too. Matches the jacket. Matching the suit. Or just like that. For the biggest puddles you can find.

Our softshell clothing for children keeps you warm and dry

Our softshell jackets and suits are the perfect addition to the outdoor wardrobe and also put you in a good mood! They are characterized by their low weight and excellent elasticity, so that our kids can pursue their urge to move unhindered. They protect the kids from wind, rain and cold and can withstand a lot. Our suits and jackets are coated with polar fleece on the inside and remain very breathable thanks to an additional layer of mesh. In other words: the jacket or suit ensures that the child does not sweat soaking wet when moving a lot, but is still kept warm. In addition, the water column is 10000 mm, so it is absolutely waterproof and dirt can easily be wiped away.

So it's ideal for the onion principle, perfect for children who exercise a lot in the fresh air. You are protected from external influences, but you do not sweat - and you are guaranteed to find them again very quickly - the recognition value of a lynx should by no means be underestimated. 


In addition to being warm and dry - which plays a minor role for the children - you can watch some little lynx in the wild as they try to catch their own tails or scratch their ears. At Mondo, too, we can tell you that the "knuckle" of the spines has an extremely calming effect on children - and on parents. What about the rabbit? Everyone will call AHHHH and OOOOH and try to clip the stubby tail back on (it can be unbuttoned and has a secret compartment with Velcro!) - we tried that.


And last but not least, we also know that none of the children we held up their clothes wanted to take off their softshell suits and jackets again - the weather played a minor role in this. Because who doesn't want to be a monster, a lynx or a bunny every day?

Softshell - Wee Care

We want you to enjoy your clothes for a long time. That's why we designed it so that it can grow with you and is so robustly produced that you can pass it on to little siblings, nieces, nephews and friends. Because longevity is also a form of sustainability. 

And if something breaks, we take care of it, because simply throwing it away is the worst possible option for us. 

Softshell - why actually?

Our softshell suits and jackets are perfect for children who move around a lot in everyday life. Regardless of the weather. They are ideal for cool, rainy and windy days - while our snowsuits are great for jumping through the snow and freezing temperatures. Our snow suits, for example, have a really warm insulation layer made of wadding, the soft shell suits and jackets, on the other hand, are a bit thinner and lined with polar fleece and mesh. They are suitable, for example, for cool days on playgrounds or in kindergarten, when the children go out and frolic while the wind blows around their ears - the basic (mostly functional underwear made of wool and / or silk) and the middle layer are of course also important.


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