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Is it all corn? Zero plastic with WeeDo!

Who ask will not fail!

Did you know that WeeDo doesn't use plastic to package the suits?
Our founder Antje came up with the idea in the “Berlin Museum of Technology” in 2017 to produce packaging made from starch. She saw the exhibition of plastic made from starch and knew straight away that the packaging of the WeeDo suits should be the same!

From theory to practice:
What looks and feels like plastic is now made from corn starch at WeeDo.
Lactic acid is obtained from the corn starch, which in turn forms the biodegradable substance PLA(polyactide).
Our packaging consists of 00% renewable raw materials and is composted in just 6 months.
Awesome, isn't it?
Our packaging with the recycling code "07" replaces the conventional plastic packaging.
There is no unnecessary plastic waste - according to the motto “Mother Nature will thank you”!



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