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Simply unique: Uniquely colorful, uniquely animalistic, uniquely thought out. Must have for slopes!

Everyone who saw us like that smiled belingnly. WeeDo funwear simply puts you in a good mood!


Wearing Weedo Funwear, your child may want to stay in the wintery outdoors for longer and have more fun. They may also show more confidence wearing their WeeDo suit.


I love watching Elliot in his WeeDo snowsuit. It makes him confident and brave. Thanks to the functionality and detailed elaboration of these hero snowsuits it is much easier for the kids to enjoy the snowy outdoors – and for us parents for sure too!



Snowsuits for kids for 100% Snow Fun

Yeah, winter is here! So get out there with the snow: building snowmen, sledding and snowball fights. You also find monochrome snowsuits for boys and girls boring? Your child likes it, as we used to like to dress up? Exactly these two thoughts are our WeeDo Snow Funwear Snowsuits for children originated. We are convinced that functional clothing should be fun and at the same time be able to withstand the special demands of winter sports and outdoor activities. With our current collections, this balancing act has been absolutely successful. We grow every day with our vision to provide bright children's eyes and happy parents in the wind and weather.

WeeDo - Let's Do!

Be a leopard for a day and jump in the snow or, as a monster, dare to scoot down the toboggan run. You'll probably know how much your child likes to dress up. In combination with a warming snowsuit for children the absolute highlight in winter. And even over the next few years. With our grow system in legs and arms, the snow overall simply grows with 2 sizes. If Monster snowsuit or Unicorn snowsuit - You can approach the next carnivore feeding very relaxed.

Winter action with warming snowsuits for kids

Monsters, lions and leopards do not like getting wet. And because we are aware of this, the high-quality material mix of functional fabric and cotton in combination with a 100% water-repellent impregnation ensures that all wild cats, jungle dwellers and fairytale creatures stay dry. Our snowsuits for girls and boys are exceptionally breathable - meaning you can enjoy the hours-long and sweaty sessions in the winter without worrying about the little rascals' health. The suit and hood are reinforced with mesh and the sleeves and legs of the snow jumpsuits are lined. Even at the pee-break, we thought: A waist zipper makes the toilet stop easy. So you do not have to worry anymore - except to convince your child to take off the snowsuit in the evening. Perhaps arguing that unicorns and co. Need their sleep to play the next adventure?



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